Torch Bay

Episode 2


In the previous adventure, Agnes was insistent the characters give up and explain their way out of the situation.  They were left in a prison cell with some other rabble from the town, apparently there on drunk and disorderly behaviour charges.  Little did our heroes know these beggars and thieves had been bribed to attack them!

Battle begins and the rabble are brought to their knees – with some accidental deaths!  Oops!

The constable comes around to speak with the party after things are settled and… surprisingly, Lady Zinnia Morkul turns up!  She explains that the dead woman was her body double and that she wished to hire the party to investigate her death.  After negotiating their release, possible with a bribe, Lady Morkul takes the party to her estate.  The mansion is beautiful, as would be expected from the patron family of the artisans guild.  Lady Morkul makes the party this offer:


  • Find out who is responsible for:

    • The death of her body double
    • The framing of our heroes
  • In exchange:

    • Free lodgings and food at Morkul Estate
    • The right to keep 100% of any loot recovered or found during the investigation
    • Access to Morkul legal aid should characters be arrested in the performance of their duties
    • The right to access future (paid) contracts through Morkul Estate


  • Local constabulary discovered Proditsaya and Stanell guild insignias in the room where the murder took place
  • There was a letter on the body asking the characters to intimidate TBPSU members for a fee
  • There was a letter on a character with an assassination contract vs Lady Morkul explaining that luring her via Market Festival would be the perfect way to isolate her.  It was signed with the Proditsaya insignia. 
  • A pouch containing 140gp

All characters signed the contract except Bjorn.  Agnes discovered an enchantment on the contract, and after signing felt the effects of a Geas spell.  What will the party do?  Where will the investigation begin?  Will the party flee the town to escape possible repercussions for the perception they have sided with the Morkul faction?



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