Torch Bay

Episode 1

A murder in Torch Bay

TD;DR Summary: character creation followed by a brief session

On the night of the Market Festival, our heroes were noticed by a well-dressed woman while demonstrating their feats and skills in a variety of competitive events.  She followed the group as they competed in event after event, placing bets and winning money!  Intrigued by their successes and exceptional manners, and as is custom in Torch Bay during the Market Festival, Lady Zinnia Morkul invited them to a tavern in the Business Quarter for the purposes of contracting services from the group for her family, and for the Artisan’s Guild.

During the meal, however, the party was poisoned and rendered unconscious!  Upon awakening they discovered to their dismay that Lady Zinnia Morkul had been assassinated with their own weapons!  They hear the running of feet, and a voice calls out “Lady Morkul, is everything alright?  Customers in the adjoining room reported a scream!”



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